Sunday, 16 August 2015

Writing - What happens next?

How do you decide what happens next in your stories? Those disciples of supa-planning will know to the nth degree what is happening next but those of us who fly by the seat of our pants have a different, possibly more exciting, viewpoint.

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Don't get me wrong I'm not having another go at those people who need to plan it's just not how I work. What I want to do is show a different way.

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Identify with your hero

Identifying with the hero of your stories is almost inevitable and why wouldn't you? You are the writer, the creator, to the hero the supreme being, and so you know that character inside out. The facets of the personality of your hero are second nature to you and so you feel comfortable with your central character. What follows next is a relationship.

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The above statement brings heroes to our level

I don't know about you but because the Steele character is based in the almost here and now, having a relationship with him is easier as he, like Steve McQueen, has his feet firmly planted on the ground. Of course, the label 'hero' is applied by others and measured in actions. So for me to relate to Patrick is possible, not difficult, and facilitates the story writing.

Returning to the subject of planning, you can't plan a relationship and the subsequent activities within that relationship. The actions come from the characters of the two people involved, even though one of them is two-dimensional in reality.

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So how does the creation of the next event occur? Is it a conversation between myself and Patrick Steele? Do I need some kind of chemical stimulation? 
No, not as such, it is more about reliving recent events and applying those situations to future events. Experimenting with ideas, exploring alternatives and finding the one that fits best.

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The conversations that I have are in the comfort of my own bed and in the darkness of a quiet night. A time when there is no external distraction to interfere with the process, that is when progress is made. It is a time when the needs of the character and the situations in which he is involved can be seen more clearly. So the stories progress.

Of course, the way others write is down to them and this is just an example that suits me.

God Bless