Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Poetry Thursday 176 - Dogs and striped horses

I have no idea why but the animal theme continues. It provides entertainment for me and allows the exercise of my love for the natural world. The dog is here because I'd love one.

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The embodiment of loving obedience
shining forth from a willing countenance,
as it dances around the feet,
wagging a rhythmical beat.

A simple soul living on trust
and reciprocate as the owner you must.
The leader of the pack in its eyes
on unfailing loyalty it relies.

Whatever you require – just ask,
it will respond if trained to the task.
Chase the ball or fetch the stick,
your furry friend will be double quick.

A dog’s needs are few and simple,
food, a walk, as much love as you are able.
As the prospective owner of such innocence,
be warned it is for life not just Christmas.
© David L Atkinson September 2015

The zebra features because the church to which I belong is doing some work to raise money with these dazzling creatures as a theme.

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Four legs, a head and tail,
with the speed and stamina of a gale,
it gallops across the African veldt,
hooves beating a taradiddle set.

It lives on grass and runs in herds
on the boundless plains, as free as birds.
Its bright eyes sharp and ears flick
seeking warning of the predators’ trick.

Needs are simple, the coat unique.
black and white is not quite chic,
but when galloping the dazzling affect,
breaks up its outline – to protect.

From lions, hyenas and other hunters,
it swerves and speeds in dancing blurs.
Dodging and racing leopards and cheetahs,
such is the life of the African zebras.
© David L Atkinson September 2015

God Bless