Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Poetry Thursday 178 - Life in all its forms

Life in all its forms is an infinite variety of the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

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Problem with Counting

In life you bump against folk,
in a gentle, non-invasive way,
but hard enough to hopefully,
mark their psyche and be remembered one day.
When that day comes and there is nothing,
when you feel like breeze blown smoke dissipating,
you stop and begin to ponder,
your situation of value and worth.
But if it happens repeatedly,
when you identify the true reality,
why bother with others at all?
No one cares for anything
but their own reflection.
© David L Atkinson September 2015

Dolphin - One of my all time favourite creatures. It has everything, speed, strength, agility, social organisation and incredible hunting and killing skills. What is there not to like?

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Fast and sleek as an arrow
it cruises seas wide and narrow,
with a permanent friendly grin
guaranteeing many pals to win.

This roaming, benign swimming entity
is intelligence with sensitivity,
capably helping humans in distress,
but killing its prey with great finesse.

Adults and children love the creature,
His hand seen in every feature.
Antics and tweets – is it really talkin’
this amazing animal that is Dolphin?
© David L Atkinson September 2015

Just a personification of joy and marvelling at the way in which he learns.

Through the eyes of a child

A water bottle, dimpled and shining,
cold to the touch and hard to hold,
hits the gums, soft and cooling,
better than the reason originally sold.

Developing dextrous little fingers,
widening the world in his attention,
patient as buttons avoid his pincers,
face a study in concentration.

Attention caught by swaying branches,
generates a gaze intense with curiosity,
effect of wind on trees – what are the chances,
at this age of clear luminosity?

Back to the scratchy Grandad beard,
pulled and tugged and squealed,
until another view strikes orbs as weird,
and new experiences are revealed.
© David L Atkinson September 2015

God Bless