Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Poetry Thursday 179 - A jellyfish and a writer #poetry

An odd couple of poems. Typical of the mind of a writer I suppose. The ideas come and need expressing in whatever order and you, the reader, will make of them what you will.

I begin with the animal theme I began a couple of weeks ago, it could be longer, but with a strange choice. I can't say why but jellyfish sprang to mind sometime on Sunday.

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It doesn’t seem to have a function,
pulsing through the seas' nutrition,
subject to the vagaries of ocean current,
dangling, poisonous tendrils a deterrent.

There is in movement a rhythmic beauty,
but without organisational duty.
Simple randomness at the earth’s whim,
and no classification of her or him.

Not exactly human friendly,
some can be accidentally deadly,
they hardly fulfil a child’s wish
for a pet – the ocean going jellyfish.
© David L Atkinson September 2015

The origins of this poem are less metaphysical (is that the right word - I don't care it just feels right) than the reasons for the Jellyfish. I read Caleb Pirtle's blog on Venture Galleries and ping, there was the inspiration. Thanks again Caleb.

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A Writer’s Lot

A writer will look at the world
and see the people travelling their days,
considers how to lever on to his page.
And, with the details, often plays.

A writer looks at his own position,
wonders at how that applies,
how it can fit in his decision,
into the fabric of one of his stories.

A writer looks at his storyline,
considers the use of internal turns,
wonders about the passage of time,
tries to balance with the money he earns.

A writer stops and considers his art,
wonders about value and direction,
discards the oft quoted fiscal card,
and settles on a quality option.

A writer strives for his own perfection,
worries about that word or this effect,
begins again with more vigorous intention,
but from finished pieces, the best select.
© David L Atkinson September 2015

God Bless