Monday, 28 September 2015

Tuesday Food Blog - Adapting a recipe.

I have decided that I'm quite slow on the uptake really. I also like to do things in an ordered regimented way which is in line with my mild OCD, so the title of today's blog is against everything Atkinson in many ways.

David's deviant cholent

Cholent is that Jewish recipe that is usually prepared between Friday evening and the morning of the Sabbath. I must admit the version of the recipe that I have used is rather comfort eating. The recipe is on the relevant TAB above but I did a little 'fiddling' with it last weekend.
Usually you put new potatoes in the Cholent and everything cooks together but I decided to  use boiling potatoes sliced on the top for a change. I also popped in a couple of red chillies that were left over from earlier in the week.

So the meal was prepared as per the recipe but without the potatoes and I cooked it on the hob in a large pan letting it simmer for a good hour to get the meat going. Then I transferred the body of the Cholent to a casserole and sliced the potatoes on top. Initially the dish was covered with foil while the meat continued to simmer but an hour or so before the end I removed the foil, dotted the potatoes with knobs of butter and ramped the oven temperature from simmer to hot. 

The resulting meal was most definitely spicy comfort food.

God Bless