Monday, 7 September 2015

Tuesday Food Blog - Hake in serrano ham

For a change I include a midweek lunch which was part of a week when I ate fish almost everyday. I was born by the sea!

Hake in serrano ham

This was so easy to produce that it is hardly meritorious of a place on the Recipe Tab but it is very tasty. The original recipe calls for prosciutto ham but there wasn't any in the shop where I purchased the fish but Serrano ham worked very well.

A piece of filleted hake
2 rashers of serrano ham
sea salt and black pepper
Oil for frying

Season the fish and then wrap in the rashers of ham. Warm the oil in a frying pan and place the fish in the pan. Cook on one side for five minutes and turn over for a further five minutes. Serve.

I served the fish with crushed new potatoes and basil and runner beans in a parsley sauce.

What I'm finding is that a lot of cooking is quite simple really and wrapping a piece of fish in ham may not be something ordinary folk would think of but it does make a difference to quite a plain meal. This meal is very quick in that the element that takes the longest is the potato and making the white sauce. I suppose if you wanted to be really lazy you could buy a packet or readily prepared sauce but I made my own and got the seasoning wrong - too salty!!


God Bless