Monday, 21 September 2015

Tuesday Food Blog - Mary Berry's Express Lasagne

As a product of the 'use up' era of the 20th century I had some frozen sheets of lasagne in the freezer that needed using up so began searching for something different to the usual beef mince version.

Straight from the oven

My search was largely successful as in a relatively short time I came up with this recipe from Mary Berry. The lady is one of the older celebrity cooks that appear regularly on our screens but she has some great ideas.

Showing the layers

The 'express' description is probably down to the fact that you don't prepare a cheese sauce and in all fairness it doesn't take as long as the standard version.

The layers are made up of a pork and spinach layer, passata and lasagne sheets all topped off with a liberal sprinkling of mature cheddar cheese. There are a variety of enriching ingredients such as creme fraiche, a red chilli and chestnut mushrooms which you will see on the recipe which is to be found on the relevant TAB at the top of this page. 

Now Mary Berry uses pork and spinach but, as I don't like spinach, I used a leek instead. I have created pork and leek pies before now and with creme fraiche so felt confident to use this pie filling as the meat layer. I had a spare mushroom or two so they went into the passata. It all went very well and I can recommend the recipe.

God Bless