Saturday, 26 September 2015

Writing - 10 things for the end of September

I'm fast coming to the conclusion that some of these things we don't know aren't worth knowing.

Image result for gaelic speaking dog

1. A dog can learn Gaelic in three weeks.

Indairire! (Really!)

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2. Selfies have killed more people than shark attacks so far in 2015.

Not surprised.


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3. Lies are more convincing when the person telling them needs to urinate.

So why wait until you need to pee to tell a lie?

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4. Napoleon's daily shopping list during his exile on St Helena included 42 eggs, 68lb of bread, 31 bottles of Cape wine, 10 bottles of claret, three bottles of "malt liquor", three bottles of cider and a bottle of champagne.

No wonder he looks stuffed.

5. In a small community in the Dominican Republic, some boys don't grow a penis until puberty.

So they should be okay at telling lies for around 11 - 13 years.(see number 3)

Image result for fire fighting prisoners

6. More than a third of the firefighters battling wildfires in California are prisoners.

It is good community service so why not.

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7. An as-yet-unnamed species of dinosaur that lived in what is now Montana looked like "a fat pony".

Hippocampus plumposaurus


Image result for kevin kadish

8. The writer of All About The Bass has only made $5,679 from the song being streamed - even though it has been streamed 178 million times.

For somebody who has made about £5 from book sales - Am I bothered!!!!


Image result for snow

9. Scots have 421 words for snow.

They need to make their minds up. 


Image result for coral eating starfish

10. Coral-eating starfish that are damaging the Great Barrier Reef can be killed by injecting them with vinegar.

This is another example of man interfering in things they should leave well alone. So the coral is good to look at but surely, so are the starfish.


God Bless