Saturday, 12 September 2015

Writing - 10 things

Beverages, bowls and bastards feature this week.

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1. Whisky tastes different when it matures in space.

Why would anyone need to find that out as if there were some problem in the development of whisky. The flavours are almost as wide and varied as the number of types. If you take the time to savour, vanilla, caramel, smoke and peat feature.


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2. People were making porridge 32,000 years ago.

And all around the world but as far as I'm aware there are only the Scots daft enough to serve it with salt!!!!


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3. The simpler and more repetitive a song's lyrics, the more likely it is to reach number one in the Billboard Hot 100, debut in the top 40 and climb the chart more rapidly.

The Beatles 'She loves you' was a case in point but it isn't always exclusive. There are lots of songs disproving the theory - 'The House of the Rising Sun'; 'MacArthur's Park'; to name two.


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4. At least three earthquakes strike the UK every year because of human activity.

That was some violent humping!

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5. Sperm whales have different dialects.

I wonder if there are any mackems?

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6. There is a fish in Australia called the "blue bastard".

Bastard - Aussie form of endearment.


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7. It's possible to trick a driverless car into thinking it's about to crash using lasers.

That's mean picking on defenceless driverless vehicles.

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8. Obesity could lower the risk of developing arthritis in men.

Good for arthritis not so good for lots of other things.


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9. The producer who was Gordon the Gopher's puppeteer is now the BBC's head of editorial standards.

What can I say?


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10. Children are the most fun to be around at the age of five.

I disagree. 9 months till 18 months for me when children are learning at a phenomenal rate and there is joy in that learning. Someone once said that children go through a bad patch during the ages of 2 to 17years! 

God Bless