Thursday, 17 September 2015

Writing - Every story I write is a mystery

The title of this blog is not a reference to the genre in which I write but rather it is about the process I find most comfortable when producing a book.

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I have often described the process, or non-process if you like, that I adopt. It isn't unique! Ian Rankin (Rebus novels) is another non-planner. The reason I write about it again is because of the joy.

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Joy is an old-fashioned word to some perhaps I should be writing 'Brill', 'Rad' or 'Wicked'! I am of the era where the old-fashioned was de riguer, and quite fashionable. Having said that I was raised when the word 'gay' had nothing to do with homosexual groups. 

The point is there are loads of mysteries when you write. As I begin to deposit words, not with quill on vellum, quite often I can only see into the situation that I've just created. As it develops through the keys I hit, doors appear in my mind that are possible ways forward into the next section of my writing. However, I do not always know what is on the other side of those doors until I'm part way through. The joy of which I speak is in the finding a way through the mystery.

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The story that I am writing just now is about a missing aircraft, or is it really missing? Is it that the authorities want us to believe it crashed into the sea or is the truth something different that even the powers-that-be do not know about? As a sampler that in my mind deepens rather than explains the mystery, one piece of wreckage has been found on Reunion Island. It was supposedly to be tested by French authorities to ascertain that it was part of the stricken plane MH370. Two things have happened since the piece was taken to France. Firstly, the confirmation was inconclusive and no more wreckage has been found. The reasons could be wide and varied but for me as they say 'the plot thickens'!

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There are many such stories some of which are surfacing around the assault on the World Trade Centre in New York. Strange that a Chinese company bought buildings insurance and then moved out a week before the disaster; then there is the mystery surrounding Building 7 which collapsed several hours after the twin towers but was fortunately empty, as the security agency that had used the building had left a short time before 9/11.

The sources of inspiration from real events are only limited by your own imagination. Now because I'm writing a story based upon a real life event I'm finding constraints that I am not used to! 

Writing is never dull!!

God Bless