Sunday, 13 September 2015

Writing - How age affects your work

When I'm pondering the reasons why the books I write are not flying off the shelves like so many sycamore keys from the tree, I can usually come up with a whole bookcase of reasons why that is the case. However, one aspect that I hadn't considered is my age.

One of the sayings I read about age was that there are 3 ages of man,

'I believe in Santa Claus, I don't believe in Santa Claus, I am Santa Claus!'

hence the photograph above. It is apt in that we're always told to write from where we are at and I am at aged 65, twice divorced, 3 kids, 1 grandchild and several jobs but 3 professions. 
The problem is that I write from where I'm at and it won't necessarily appeal to a particularly wide audience.

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Some thoughts on age from a variety of sources

Old age comes at a bad time.
San Banducci

Find an aim in life before you run out of ammunition.
Arnold Glasgow

Is it not strange that desire should so many years outlive performance.
William Shakespeare

So back to the subject in mind. If I'm writing from where I'm at or indeed from where I've been it is almost inevitable that my life experiences will have coloured my writing irrespective of how hard 
I try to keep up-to-date. On the other hand ...

It could also be partially as a result of the genre - a bit too close to James Bond maybe! On the other hand ...

Perhaps I need to be more active on social media. On the other hand ...

Could the covers of my books be better? On the other hand ...

Get the picture? There is probably no magic formula for success as in J K Rowling's case it was good luck; for Ray Bradbury persistence; and Beatrix Potter self-publishing. On the other hand ... if you have a book in you write it! Don't worry about what is meant about 'write from where you're at' just write!

God Bless