Thursday, 24 September 2015

Writing - UK - made in China! #bullingdon

Christmas is coming,
the goose is getting fat,
please put a penny in the old man's hat,
if you haven't got a penny,
a farthing will do,
if you haven't got a farthing,
God Bless you!

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Christmas started around 1st September, although rumour hath it that some supermarkets even pre-empted that date. We haven't even had Harvest Festival or Halloween (Bay! Humbug!).
The problem is money of course. The root of all evil.

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George Osborne

Our chancellor is currently in China prostrating himself before the great God MONEY, supposedly helping our economy but really selling the UK out to a country that has the most appalling human rights record. So far this week he's encouraged the Chinese oligarchs to invest in 3 nuclear power stations and now trying to get them to shell out for the ill-conceived HS2 rail service.

WARNING Mr Osborne - Redcar Steel Plant under threat of closure. This plant was British but then taken over by a Thai company. What will happen to HS2 and the power stations if China, whose financial situation is far from secure, pull out?

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You may ask what this has to do with Christmas - nothing really except for money, exploitation, undermining of true meanings! 

I haven't commented on the European migrant crisis because I have mixed feelings. Those driven from their homes, towns and cities by war and the threat of death I can sympathise with but once they have escaped the war torn area and are in a safe country why continue across more safe countries to get to other countries? When war is over do they not want to go home? Many of these travellers are economic migrants not refugees.

Even this last point is about money. This desire to achieve financial security, and even wealth, is driving the human race to disaster - do I feel another dystopian novel coming on? 

As a practising Christian I can see the evil one in the current atmosphere of fiscal greed. It also should be remembered that our Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer (Boris Johnson also) are members of the Bullingdon Club. One of the initiation tasks to gain entry to that club is to burn a £50 note in front of a homeless person! If that is not the embodiment of evil I don't know what is.

This blog may seem to be a bit of a mish mash of topics but when reading concentrate from the poem at the beginning to the Bullingdon Club on the inhumanity that results from the pursuit of making money.

God Bless