Sunday, 6 September 2015

Writing - Unlocking your creativity

It is believed that everyone is creative but some are overtly so and others need help to release their creativity.

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The medium through which creativity can be expressed will vary from person to person. It may be through art, music, writing a book or even solving a tricky work problem through creative thinking.

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Creativity is generally said to be making something original and of value to yourself or others. To do this, it’s important you really know and understand your subject.
One person who showed that practise is important was the artist Pablo Picasso. He is famous for creating daring new painting styles, but it wasn’t by accident. He spent years experimenting with the already established conventions of art, eventually producing ground-breaking works like Les Demoiselles d'Avignon which involved months of revisions.

As we who have produced a finished work of art, rarely does the completed article appear at the first attempt. There are several methods you can employ to improve your practise. A way you can stimulate your creativity is by learning from others in your field. Creative writing courses stress the importance of writing about what you know, writing regularly, keeping a notebook to record observations, and using the traits of people you know to create new characters.

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As hinted at above creativity isn't just about the arts. It can help at work, some say you're thinking outside the box, and in science. Albert Einstein believed that inspiration and intuition help with solving scientific problems. He studied physics, but used his creativity to produce his Theory of Relativity.

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There are numerous ways of releasing the inner creative but one factor is to love what you are creating and the way in which the end product is attained. 
It is also said that you should be daring. By taking risks we are stretching the sides of that imagined box that so many refer to and that is only possible if you can create alternative solutions in your mind.
Following the practice of others is also a possible source of inspiration. It isn't copying, per se, but as the saying goes, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

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One of the lessons that I've learned since publishing writing is to ignore the opinions of others. You can't avoid those opinions but what you have produced belongs to you and is from inside you therefore even though it may not be the best of whatever it worked for you. Something that I find difficult is to ignore those opinions and that is my problem but it stems from a feeling that negative criticism is a personal attack. In some ways it is because I have no trust of people and their motives. This is not an attitude I suggest you adopt as it is damaging.

God Bless