Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Poetry Thursday 182 - This amazing planet.

Sometimes you just have to appreciate what this wonderful planet gives us and here I have chosen to write about three random examples.

Image result for views of yorkshire dales

Yorkshire Dales

Breathtaking views wherever you’re looking.
Not an experienced to be missed.
Waterfalls – a must see,
caves and loads of history.
Great train rides and spectacular walks,
sights to generate evening talks,
of glorious days in God’s own county.
© David L Atkinson October 2015

The poem above is taken in part from the comments made by visitors to the Dales. In fact I could have produced an epic poem on the subject but felt that it would be more challenging to be selective while trying to represent what is a beautiful part of the world.

Then back to my animal poetry with two wonderful examples from the global animal kingdom. 
The first is a creature I'd never heard of but which is a member of the rabbit family. I have a very fuzzy photo of one I saw while visiting Canada a couple of years ago. The noise it makes is totally out of proportion to its size.

Image result for pika

Ochotona Princeps

In the hills among the rocks,
you may glimpse little white socks,
or hear a blood-curdling, high pitched scream,
like some horror from a dream.

A furry ball that likes climate cold,
but stares from distance, aloof and bold.
On barren rocks with outlook bleaker,
sits the delightful Canadian Pika.
© David L Atkinson October 2015

Then there is one of my favourite big cats. I have never seen them in the wild and only from a great distance, asleep, in a safari park. I have seen them closer behind glass in a zoo enclosure and was impressed by their muscle rippling walk and their silence.

Image result for leopard

Panthera Pardus

Spread far and wide across the earth,
carefully watching from moment of birth,
more numerous than lion, tiger and cheetah,
chilling in trees – no fussy eater.

Built for survival and silent – almost,
pads quietly round town as a ghost.
Looks on humans with respectful regard,
the rosette bedecked lee-o-pard.
© David L Atkinson October 2015

God Bless