Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Poetry Thursday 184 - Arachnids and government bullies

Just to show that not all animal poetry is soft and fluffy.

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A creature with wide ranging powers,
that hunts alone in the darkest hours,
laying its traps for the unsuspecting,
embracing them in a grasp unyielding.

Once caught a creature stored in its larder,
for when food is scarce and times are harder.
Then drained of all internal juices,
and discarded, those parts without uses.

But our predator has a dangerous weakness,
in the bath with walls of sleekness.
Once inside nothing can save her,
the solitary eight-legged house spider.

© David L Atkinson October 2015

Don't you just love spiders! Well I do and yes the detritus beneath their larder is messy but dry.

The source of inspiration for this next offering is from the tax benefit cuts that will seriously affect the lives of many families all of whom are from the lower paid sectors of society. Yes I'm soapbox jumping again!

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Tax Cuts

How can those with so much be so heartless?
Continually robbing the poor to line their coffers,
wallowing in great pools of largesse,
knuckles white with the effort of retention.

They think themselves as good Christians,
yet hoard their wealth to fevered bosoms,
worshipping burgeoning piles of Mammon,
indifferent to the plight of others.

They claim that wages are rising,
people will receive more money – eventually.
Fiscal experts find that surprising,
as what is being taken is legion.

The Lords find themselves under threat.
They dared to oppose personified wealth!
Causing government to carp and fret,
over how to make Lords toothless.

The best we can hope for is temporary reprieve,
they will achieve their noxious fiscal target.
Common man’s cloth from a poorer weave,
while they recline in ill-earned ermine.
© David L Atkinson October 2015

God Bless