Monday, 26 October 2015

Tuesday food blog - Another fish pie and more humbug from WHO

I know! I know! You are fed up of my fish pies well buy a book and log out!!!!! :)

Another fish pie

As today's news is full of the World Health Organisation's pronouncement about cancer risks as a result of eating red and processed meat, fish pie seemed to be a reasonable alternative.
Once again I will not bother putting the recipe on the TAB as the basic recipe is unsurprising. However, there are variations in this one that are definitely flavour enhancers.

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To begin with I cook the fish in milk, with butter and a herb or two, and seasoned. When the fish is cooked the milk forms the basis of a sauce. On this occasion I was out of parsley so used dill and then whisked the milk base in a pan with some flour using a balloon whisk to reduce the likelihood of lumps. So the pie had a dill sauce.

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Or should that be 'Bacon smell I'

I had a rasher of bacon left in the fridge and felt that I remembered reading a recipe for this dish with the evil processed meat included in it. I checked, found that I wasn't mistaken and so chopped the bacon into small pieces and fried it off in vegetable oil.

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In that obscurely remembered recipe there was also sweetcorn and so I reached for the Jolly Green Giant - Ho! Ho! Ho! - and half a can was tipped into the mix.

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Mashed potato

Finally there was the mashed potato topping. As is my want I made it with creme fraiche and butter as I like the tanginess which you don't get with milk or ordinary cream.

The finished pie is very tasty and the additional items produce a wider range of flavours that do compliment each other. You may feel that I'm biased as fish pie is definitely a comfort food for me, but including it also demonstrates how different tastes can be the subject of experimentation. After all variety is the spice of life.

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World Health Organisation

There is much fuss and cafuffle in the news today because the WHO have stated that research shows a link between processed and red meat and cancer. It should be said that WHO have NOT carried out the research. What they have done is cobble together the findings of various scientists and produced a sweeping generalisation. That isn't to say that there is no link but when such an auspicious organisation puts its weight behind such pronouncements they should at least carry out the research themselves.

What WHO don't say is that there is research to show that it is very difficult to prove a causal link between meat and cancer. However, what they have done is to elevate red meat and processed meat to the level of cigarettes. Listening to another scientist this morning that action is plain foolish. Of course the government controlled media don't mention the pitfalls in the announcement. In fact the WHO and our own UK Health authorities don't agree on the threshold for safe daily amounts of red and processed meat. In the UK it is 70g/day, the WHO say 50g/day.

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Not so much a conspiracy theory more a following of logic. If you set up an official body and invite applications to work for it you are going to receive queries from people who are followers of vegetarianism, vegans and anti-animal cruelty supporters. Therefore when they carry out research, or in this case collect the research of others, it will be with that bias. What they need is to employ a range of people with varying perspectives and then we - joe public - might receive valuable advice instead of the usual twisted bollocks in which we can't put our trust.

God Bless