Monday, 19 October 2015

Tuesday Food Blog - Normandy Pork Casserole

I remember making 2 recipes years ago, one was Normandy Pork and the other Somerset Pork. I saw a recipe for the former in casserole form as opposed to pan fried and decided to try it.

Normandy Pork Casserole with Mustard mash

Those of you who are familiar with me will know that there is no celery (devil's food) in the recipe. I replaced it with carrots. 

The difference between the Normandy and Somerset versions is in the added alcohol. When I cooked these I used a light french wine for the former and cider for the Somerset variety, but of course they use cider in France as well.

Image result for close encounters of the third kind

The 'Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind' potatoes are made from mustard mash. Again I combined parsnip and potato, I like the apple flavour and it goes well with the creme fraiche but then added a tablespoon of Dijon Mustard. As I am my own worst critic I would say that this would have been better without the parsnips, but even so it went well with the creamy sauce of the casserole.

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These days I tend to use Morrison's own brand creme fraiche when making anything with a creamy sauce, in soups or mashed vegetables. It claims to be less calorific and has a distinctive tangy flavour which suits me.

The full recipe for the casserole is on the appropriate TAB at the top of this page.

God Bless