Monday, 5 October 2015

Tuesday Food Blog - Sausage and bacon rustic hotpot

A rustic recipe and possible variations in its use. This is also a very simple recipe which it has to be for someone as inept as I am!

Sausage and bacon rustic hotpot

In some ways this turned out as 'David's comfort food'! I do like casserole's and the wealth of accompaniments that you can serve them with. I didn't follow the recipe slavishly which recommends that you serve it with cheese toasties. (posh cheese on toast).

Hotpot with carrot and swede mash

I really fancied carrot and swede mashed together with plenty of pepper and butter. I find that this form of mas accompanies many different sorts of meat dishes - another comfort food.

Hotpot + mash in a Yorkshire Pudding

Then finally the ultimate in comfort foods - a Yorkshire Pudding. This was a massive cheat because I bought a ready made Yorkshire mainly because it saves on washing up, but also because I wasn't roasting meat in the oven. I believe that Yorkshires are best cooked with some of the hot fat from around the meat in the pudding tin. The bought puddings are really very good, you can't fail, cheap and it saves time. I served it with the last of the mash.

Finally, I made a meal of the hotpot alongside mashed potato. I like creme fraiche, as opposed to milk, and butter in the mash it gives the potatoes a slightly tangy flavour.

Overall then an easy meal to make, tasty to eat, cheap to buy, but not that calorific (well if you take away the accompaniments!). There are only five sausages and 2 rashers of bacon. The rest of the meal consists of vegetables and seasoning. Obviously with the mash and the Yorkshire the calorie count will climb considerably but you could serve this casserole with rice or pasta if you were so concerned.

The full recipe is on the TAB above

God Bless