Saturday, 3 October 2015

Writing - 10 more silly news snippets

This week's snippets are almost entries for weird science!

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1. Quentin Tarantino still records films from TV on VHS cassettes.

I can understand the attraction.


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2. People tweet more egocentrically from phones than they do from computers.

And that is so hard to understand - NOT!!! If you are tweeting from your phone you are tweeting about a subject that has impacted you at that moment.


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3. Gay, lesbian and bisexual people in the UK are more likely to smoke than heterosexuals.

Doesn't it depend on where and when such a survey was carried out?

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4. Getting into an ambulance to celebrate scoring a goal will earn you a yellow card in Argentina.

What can anyone say?


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5. More than one person every minute is arrested for marijuana possession in the US.

Could be construed as a waste of time man!!!!!


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6. Ten boroughs account for a quarter of all stamp duty collected in the UK - nine of them are in London.

Amazingly logical as it is the part of the country with the most expensive housing.


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7. Cyclists in a peloton school like fish.

Loads of similarities - no water, no fins, bikes, air breathers!!!!


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8. The English composer Benjamin Britten wrote a national anthem for Malaysia, only for it to be rejected in favour of a cabaret tune.

As I have had the misfortune to have sung a number of Britten's pieces I could have been a cabaret artist!!!


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9. Interstate 19 in Arizona is the US's only interstate highway where distances are measured in kilometres rather than miles.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with an operative working for a well known DIY store just after the metric system was adopted in the UK.
Me: I'd like to buy some 8 feet long pieces of chipboard please.
Operative: I'm sorry sir we only sell chipboard in 2 metre lengths.
Me: Ok I'll have 4 please.
Operative: What thickness would you like sir half an inch or 5/8ths of an inch?


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10. The odds of developing cancer go up by 10% in men and 18% in women for every 10cm above 1m they are tall.

Great news for a short arse like me. On the other hand I'm 6 inches taller than my mum was and she got cancer!
What a load of rubbish! I'm amazed at whoever even bothered to try and establish such a relationship.


God Bless