Saturday, 31 October 2015

Writing - 10 things for the end of October

Another week of dubious research and spurious facts intended to entertain.

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1. Dancing to Gangnam Style could raise people's pain thresholds.

I don't know about raising them, the accompanying noise will test pain thresholds to the limit!

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2. Pregnancies conceived in December have the best chance of success.

Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle night and day!


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3. Electric eels curl up to deliver double strength shocks.



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4. There is 0% VAT on pistachio nuts in the UK when in their shells. But full VAT on salted peanuts when out of their shells.

A reward for the extra work?


Image result for anaesthetic

5. Anaesthetic blunts painful memories recalled before you go under.

How do they know that?


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6. Puffins are now as endangered as the African elephant.

But they are without ivory, they don't live in Africa, they burrow, and swim.


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7. Processed meats such as bacon, sausages and ham do cause cancer.

I object most strenuously. WHO didn't carry out the research they cobbled together findings from other people's work which suggests if they had selected a different set of results they would be claiming that those meats are safe and also that the moon is made of green cheese.


Image result for low carbohydrate diet

8. Low-fat diets are not as effective as low-carbohydrate or Mediterranean diets for losing weight.

It also makes more sense as we eat much more carbohydrate than fat.


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9. Gardening in an allotment for 30 minutes a week improves self-esteem, calms anger and eases depression.

Depends on the state of the allotment, I had a garden that had the opposite action.


Image result for sexist brains

10. The brains of people with sexist attitudes look different to those who believe in gender equality.

Men are from Mars!!


God Bless