Saturday, 24 October 2015

Writing - 10 things we didn't know last week

A wealth of trivia ranging from sleeping crocodiles to look-alikes.

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1. Crocodiles can sleep with one eye open.

Rather like my father!


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2. Biff Tannen's older self, as portrayed in Back to the Future Part II, was based on Donald Trump.

Spot the idiot!

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3. The US used to relocate beavers by parachuting them out of planes.

Now if we did this in the UK the queue of animal rights activists would be a mile long!

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4. Eating a Mediterranean diet may slow the ageing process by five years.

Interesting that perusing the photographs of  healthy Mediterranean diets don't show meat and yet my knowledge of Italian food includes all manner of animal protein. Similarly, yesterday it was said that eating bacon and sausage was as carcinogenic as smoking cigarettes. I believe that when posts become available at health organisations the people appointed tend to be vegetarians as that is deemed by the powers that be as 'healthy' so it is hardly surprising that the pronouncements made from such organisations are biased towards vegetarianism. A little one-eyed for my taste and it should be remembered that the human animal is in fact an omnivore which is designed to eat both meat and vegetarian food.

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5. Using long, complicated words makes you appear less intelligent than if you use simple language.

In my opinion using long words is a floccinaucinihilipilification exercise.


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6. Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world.

Well done to them.

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7. Parents are four times more likely to tell their daughters than their sons to be careful in future following an accident.

How on earth has anyone come up with that pronouncement? Surely age, number of siblings and social situation would go towards governing such responses.

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8. Howler monkeys with the loudest voices tend to have smaller testicles.

'Oh no I haven't!'

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9. Cambridge spy Guy Burgess's mother discovered that he had defected to the Soviet Union by reading about it in a newspaper.

She thought he'd gone to the corner shop for a loaf of bread.

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10. China's best Obama impersonator cannot speak English. 

The ears have it!

God Bless