Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Writing - Henning Mankell RIP

I know it may seem a little morbid to focus on the death of an author, but their legacy is important. Mankell gave us Wallander and, although I wasn't keen on the TV series, it was immensely popular.

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Henning Mankell 1948 - 2015

Henning Mankell was famous for his series centred upon Inspector Kurt Wallander but in fact as well as a crime writer, he was also a children's author and dramatist. He was a prolific writer particularly of screen plays but was not tied to one genre and that is where I have to admit to a degree of envy.

Mr Mankell was popular in Germany and other parts of Europe, he was a left wing political activist and a collaborator with other artists and theatres. Undoubtedly a busy man.

I admit to envy, in a gentle sort of way, about his ability to switch genres. I have managed one novel that is not the adventure type in Cessation. I consider it to be one of my better efforts and perhaps that was a benefit of switching genres because then it has fed back into the writing of more Steele novels, which I believe have also improved. Cessation is a dystopian novel that reflects my concern over the influence, in this case disastrous, of big business on public services.

Other genres that I am tempted towards are Historical and Children's fiction. In fact I have the bones of an historical novel which will be my next project. However, I have a new grandchild and have been asked on a couple of occasions if I am going to write a children's book or two.

If I'm to fulfil these ideas then I need to get cracking and write more quickly! In fact this has been happening over the last couple of weeks which feels very encouraging.

God Bless