Sunday, 18 October 2015

Writing - Related events

Pick a moment in time.

Any moment in time.

What were you doing on that day? I hate that question because of the nature of my memory. I have a good memory in some respects and terrible in others. 

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Let me explain.

I have performed in numerous musicals when I've needed to learn lines and songs and remember them for weeks. For over thirty years I taught classes of children, remembered their names and much of their backgrounds and abilities. BUT when the musicals were finished or the class had moved on my memory wipes clean, not completely so, but rather like a chalk board, that has been cleaned with a dry cloth, there are still traces of what was there before. It seems that when something is no longer relevant my mind clears it out.

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This memory thing isn't a particular problem except that I notice the same thing has happened with the stories and poems I write. I remember the gist but not the detail.

Is this important?

Well it depends I suppose on what you're using memory for. 

Learning - essential, but it is the application of knowledge that is important.

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Two of the questions that are often used to trigger memory are, what were you doing when JFK was shot?
what were you doing when the planes hit the twin towers on 09/11?

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In the case of JFK I was 13 years old, it was a Sunday, 22/11/1963 and it was in the evening. As a teenager it was a very quiet part of the weekend when thoughts were about the beginning of a new school week. At that time TV programmes were limited and so it was quite a shock when they were interrupted by a newsflash bringing the sad news of the president's assassination.

It was very different with the twin towers. I was teaching and being picked up from work by my wife and it was she that told me of the disaster when I got into the car.

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The story I'm writing at the moment, another Steele adventure, occurs in September. Part of the action takes place on the Saturday evening coinciding with the last night of the promenade concerts. This is a major event in London that occurs at the Royal Albert Hall and attracts around 6000 in the audience plus the special guests, a huge orchestra and large choir. This is all vital and relevant information to how the story has developed and the intentions of the actors therein. The action could occur without such a major event but I felt that it enriched the story at that point.

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Of course you could go off at a tangent at the introduction of such an event so it is necessary to consider the balance of information introduced and its relevance. An activity to be frequently visited when writing a story.

April 29th 1950

I was born at 06:10

Number 1- song 'My Foolish Heart' by Billy Eckstine

FA Cup Final - Arsenal 2 - 0 Liverpool

Douglas S McKiernan became the first CIA agent to die while on a mission.

Motor Fishing Vessel Mary Heeley wrecked on the Isle of Man.

God Bless