Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Poetry Thursday 185 - November mist

I opened the curtains and looked out on a seen that can be described in one word - grey.

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A grey cloak slung haphazardly
round the shoulders of England,
deadening the sounds made daily
by routine behaviours.

A cloying blanket of wetness
covering the land from north to south,
as a grey, shimmering evening dress
intended for no ball I have ever known.

A veil as dense as Dickens prose,
yet wistful, almost untouchable
leaving droplets on leaves and nose,
a wetness unavoidable.

Lingering till lunch when the sun tries
to burn through the curtain,
but autumn weakness allows a yellow butterflies
wing of fleeting colour.

By dusk the veil darkens once again,
deadening the world’s reactions,
and breaking the connections in the brain
to lack lustre form and mental apathy.
© David L Atkinson November 2015

I think that inspiration is facilitated in unusual situations like extremes of weather. That may also be mirrored by unusual emotions or out of the ordinary views both physical and metaphysical.

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Why would nations wish to hunt these creatures?
No animosity in their gentle features,
but physically massive and movement slow,
with a tendency to avoid by going below.

A population almost uniformly grey,
as with the mist in which they play.
 Safe from the eyes of predatory hunters
difficult to find by tourist punters.

Surely the epitome of God's own gentleness
a leviathan allowing human closeness.
A great, brave beast from head to tail,
the almost ubiquitous and intelligent whale.
© David L Atkinson November 2015

Yes it was misty once again on the day we sailed out of Boston at around 07:30 to go whale watching. As in the poem above the day was correctly described as 'grey' - the sea, mist and whales were all that colour. The whales were mostly humpbacks and they toyed with us and our cameras staying on the edge of what would have been a good view, waving the occasional flipper and slapping massive flukes on the surface of the placid sea. It was a delightful experience.

God Bless