Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Poetry Thursday 186 - Waterfalls and human age

There are things in the world which have been here a long time.

Waterfalls have a fascination for human beings and it is at that point that two very old elements come together on this planet.

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How do you know the power
as it flows over the abyss,
at a relentless pace hour by hour,
violently plummeting to the plunge?

But the noise of falling water,
from the tinkle of a single raindrop
to the roaring of a Niagara
surrounds us ubiquitously.

Such magnetic, tumbling, beauty
God driven over the edge,
of impermeable obstinacy,
as from a great height falls an Angel.

The regal passage over unfeeling rocks,
drawing human attention repeatedly,
an attraction nothing seems to block,
the command of a Victoria falls.
© David L Atkinson November 2015

The second element that I refer to - people - age inexorably and with side effects. There are comments I have heard people make in the past about their elderly relatives included in the poem along with the accompanying justifications. I have been fortunate in my life this far but others perhaps less so.

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Life's Palindrome

He’d gone queer as he got older,
wouldn’t socialise or take part,
became much quieter,
but we did keep in touch.

He’d aged and got stranger,
his opinions were more reactionary,
difficult to talk to any longer
than five minutes,
but we tried.

He’d become older and found his temper,
there’s no talking to him any more,
that’s why our visits are shorter,
with greater gaps in between.

Life is a behavioural palindrome,
tempered by experience and events,
when young our opinions roam.
then as we age back to strong will.

Parents and adults show the young understanding,
life then progresses – lessons learned,
but as the young elevate to commanding,
pray their hearts are softened.
© David L Atkinson November 2015

The poems above are slightly weird but it was how they came to me. Initially the inspiration was an old photograph of Niagara Falls visited about 1997 and I remembered the sheer power. Then it all became entwined with the ageing experience that some people live through.

God Bless