Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Poetry Thursday 187 - Paris and people #ParisAttacks

It would be insensitive of someone purporting to be a poet to allow the sickening events of last Friday to pass by without some offering.
I am fortunate in having travelled to Paris on numerous occasions. On the break-up of my first marriage I spent a week in the city on my own, ostensibly to assess my place in the world, but had a wonderful time bathing in the atmosphere and culture of the place. It was also an opportunity to practise my language skills and how wonderful are the French when you do that instead of indulging in the usual ignorant English practice of shouting more loudly when you fail to make yourself understood.

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Life of Paris

A beautiful city of culture,
a pleasure to pay a visit,
but twice in a year the evil vulture,
has spit the city with hate.

The French adore the atmosphere
of street cafes, good food and music.
Not a place for terror and fear
but for warmth, happiness and love.

So many good things to experience,
and yet it attracts unreasoning hatred,
a place for happiness and good sense,
but the terrorists keep trying.

Respect this chic old girl,
savour what she has to offer,
bathe unreasoned hate in her swirl
of passionate understanding.
© David L Atkinson November 2015

Some people have taken to referring to me as 'Red Dave' because of my affiliation with Jeremy Corbyn. I was brought up a socialist and a Christian, two positions that I believe to be mutually supportive. I fail to understand how a true capitalist can claim to be a Christian when capitalism is about making money no matter who stands in your way.
Enough ranting! The other issue is that I was christened David, not 'Dave', and I'm not a communist as that was every bit as elitist as capitalism.
The poem below is about misguided souls who have attained what they see as positions of power but then seem to believe, in their own eyes, that gives some kind of divinity.

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Superior People

In life you meet your betters,
they posture and pose selling themselves,
ensuring they secure your fetters,
with patronising tugs and twists
of their opinion.

Why do some people feel the need to assert,
when all men were created equal,
they have no need to exert
pressure on the rest of us.

They have no greater right to oxygen,
than the simplest of bottom feeders,
so before posturing, think again,
and employ the love God gave you.
© David L Atkinson November 2015

God Bless