Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Poetry Thursday 188 - A view over one's shoulder

A bit of a mixed bag this week. 

The first poem was inspired by 'The Lady in the Van' film and is  a commentary on what is an important addition to the performance of Maggie Smith.

Image result for Alan Bennett in The Lady in the Van

A Writer’s Alter Ego

The post of alter ego of a writer is unenviable,
an employment with few outlets,
prodding as hard as he is able,
to give opinion and gain audible exits.

No point in disapproving of his actions.
No mileage in criticising his word.
Avoid unnecessary friction
and accept whatever you have heard.

Never give up on extending influence,
the posts intentions are only for good,
the owner’s state improved perchance,
if alter ego’s advice is taken as it should.

Sit on his shoulder and beaver away,
use humour, evidence and sagacity,
begin when he wakes at start of day,
to improve  life use perspicacity.
© David L Atkinson November 2015

The two photographs accompanying this poem I took last Saturday. The sea was gale blown, very noisy and thoroughly stimulating. The first snap taken at the end of the pier you can see in the lower pic, and it was one of those situations when you knew were alive.

A Stormy Sea

Standing on the pier surrounded by the seething cacophony,
releases feelings of weakness,
a sign of fallible humanity,
in a world of misplaced self-righteousness.

Wind-blown spray chiselling the skin,
as a sand blaster carves a statue,
ripping away each cell one-by-one,
leaving the face with a ruddier hue.

Reminding of innate vulnerability,
naked, roaring, primal power,
under no human authority,
in any agency of control.

Carving and re-shaping all in its fief,
working to its own secret agenda,
taking the land as a nightly thief,
depositing wherever it takes its fancy.
© David L Atkinson November 2015

My mother loved ducks. I believe that they are a mixture of fun and beauty but quite independent and unafraid of humans.

Image result for the duck


A fowl which communicates in quack,
allows water to flow from its back,
that waddles, dabbles and paddles in equal measure,
allowing the casual observer endless pleasure.

Colourful or drab but always waterproof,
charming, amusing never aloof,
a delight for every quality cook,
our garrulous, feathery and tasty duck.
© David L Atkinson November 2015

God Bless