Monday, 9 November 2015

Tuesday Food Blog - Pan fried Plaice on pea puree with bacon and new potatoes

I have returned to fish cooking and a recipe 'borrowed' from James Martin.

Pan-fried Plaice etc

The recipe was presented by the man himself and cooked on a table at the corner of a field where peas were growing. He actually used the peas in three different ways, as a puree, a garnish (pea shoots), and cooked in their pods. I love peas so, in the safety of my own kitchen, I thought I'd give it a try. It was the pea puree that intrigued me. I have always enjoyed 'mushy peas' and in some ways the puree is just a cheffy way of producing a similar dish and it is quite straight forward.

The plaice was in the 'still fresh' counter at the supermarket and so cheaper. I always look in that counter because you can often find a bargain. The plaice was quite a decent size and a couple of pounds so it was in the basket quickly. I seasoned it with parsley, ground black pepper and a little sea salt, dusted it with flour, then fried it in oil, skin side down for four or five minutes then turned it over for another three or four minutes.

The full recipe is on the relevant TAB

God Bless