Monday, 16 November 2015

Tuesday Food Blog - Turkey and ham pie

This week's recipe is very much a 'use up after Christmas' meal.

Turkey and ham pie

It should have been ham, the meat I used instead of ham is related - I used lardons! Also the topping isn't a floury potato like Maris Piper but crushed new potatoes that I had in. 
Finally, instead of using cream I used creme fraiche.

So a real use up meal but nonetheless very tasty. There were no real headaches in producing the meal, in fact it was a doddle. I was slightly concerned about adding creme fraiche to the hot chicken stock, I though that it may curdle but it was okay. All-in-all a very easy and tasty meal.

with peas and Yorkshire puddings

It is probably not the healthiest of meals with the creme fraiche - I used reduced fat - the bacon and Yorkshires, but better than chips. What you serve this pie with could enhance the five a-day quota.

The full recipe is available on the relevant TAB.

God Bless