Saturday, 28 November 2015

Writing - 10 things for the end of November

In a week where an overly sponsored Professor established that adding sugar to water gives extra energy for exercising and an alternative to energy drinks, there are loads of equally fascinating facts you may not have been aware of!

Image result for tony blair

1. Tony Blair tried to become a stand-up comedian.

I believe he succeeded in the Palace of Westminster.

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2. The first item sold online was a CD of Sting's Ten Summoner's Tales album in 1994.


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3. Loneliness may suppress the immune system.

On the other hand sitting alone may be stress reducing.


Image result for elephant's trunk

4. Elephants can use their trunks to blow food within reach.

Snot at all what it should be used for.

Image result for sugar producing bacteria

5. Sugar-producing bacteria could be used by astronauts to make food in space.



Image result for bubonic plague painting

6. A 17th-Century scientist planned to paint the bubonic plague onto hats to create a biological weapon.

How anti-social is that?

Image result for strong cannabis

7. High-strength cannabis may damage nerve fibres in the brain.

How do you measure the strength of cannabis?


Image result for churchill's wine bill

8. The Churchill household spent around £1,160 each year on wine, £104,400 in today's money.

No surprise then that his speech was slurred.


Image result for heart beat

9. How fast a person's heart beats when resting can predict whether they are going to die early.

That's hard to fathom out!!!!!


Image result for children with pet dogs

10. Children with pet dogs are less anxious than children without.

No surprise when the owning of a pet is proven to reduce stress.