Saturday, 7 November 2015

Writing - 10 things for November

If you read the titles of each item below you could be forgiven for thinking that you're losing your mind.

Image result for nobby stiles teeth 

1. Footballers have worse teeth than the general population.

Hardly surprising when part of their game involves heading the ball.


Image result for average Joseph

2. The average Joseph is 37 years old.

What is an average Joseph?


Image result for non-religious children

3. Non-religious children are more generous.

This is another non-scientific statement that must be impossible to prove or disprove. To prove it you would have to measure how children from the 3 different groups, religious, non-religious and control, gave to others. Other factors would be age, ethnicity, social standing, wealth to name but a few.

Image result for old yew trees

4. The oldest Yew tree in Europe has changed sex but only in one branch.

As a person who studied then taught Biology, never were trees given a gender. In fact the flowers of botanical entities usually contain both male and female parts, so where does this rubbish come from?


Image result for living alone

5. Living alone is really bad for your diet.

This could be summed up in two words - 'comfort eating'


Image result for tapeworm

6. It's possible to get cancer from a tapeworm.

I shall avoid them like the plague!


Image result for bearded men

7. Men with beards have a greater tendency to hold sexist attitudes than their clean-shaven counterparts.

Bollocks! This could also be linked with ethnicity, religious practices and which sample of bearded men were questioned.


Image result for dogs tilting their heads

8. Dogs that tilt their heads to the side more often when spoken to are more empathetic.

As it is difficult to be empathetic as a human how does this work and how can it be measured?


Image result for swimming like an eel

9. Undulating through water like an eel is a much more efficient method of swimming than splashing and kicking.

Which would be great if the human body was designed to undulate - I think I'll stick to splashing and kicking.


Image result for bonfire night 2015

10. Visibility in the UK decreases by 25% on Bonfire night. 

This would be smoke related.


God Bless