Saturday, 14 November 2015

Writing - 10 things we didn't know last week

Behaviours and infirmities galore. This blog does me a favour. A change is as good as a rest and fun time is important so blogging can be work related or relaxation related.

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1. The average person has around 30-40 moles.

As long as you have less than 11 on your right arm you may be cancer free.


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2. A cockroach can bite five times stronger than a human.

Another less than useful piece of information.

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3. An increasingly warped sense of humour could be an early warning sign of dementia.

Oh dear!


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4. Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume is almost as good at repelling mosquitoes as commercial insect sprays containing Deet.

A bit expensive for that purpose I would have thought.


Image result for hallucinate in a foreign accent

5. It's possible for people to hallucinate a foreign accent.

Sacre Bleu


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6. Humans have been exploiting honeybees for almost 9,000 years.

Let's hope they don't organise union action.

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7. Children considered the favourite by their mothers are more likely to suffer from depression than overlooked siblings.

What about only children.


Image result for happy without facebook

8. Taking a week off from Facebook can make you a happier person.

And less well informed.


Image result for fish leaping out of water

9. Fish can leap out of the water to attack their prey from above.

It would be bad enough looking for sharks in the water let alone from the skies.


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10. Happiness levels are on the rise in adolescents but adults over 30 are becoming less happy over time. 

Probably linked.


God Bless