Thursday, 12 November 2015

Writing - An approaching launch #mh370

So L day is almost here. This yet another weakness in my author portfolio although you could argue that it is linked to marketing and sales. The editing is completed - almost, and I have some photographs from which the cover will be fashioned.

As the story is based upon the fate of an aeroplane it seemed to me that a sky with the odd vapour trail may actually work. The above also had the benefit of interesting cloud formations.

I was attracted to this view because of the apparent meandering nature of the vapour trail as was the flight of MH370

This final pic has nature taking a hand. The sun acts as an explosion at the end of the vapour trail, and once again the vapour trail meanders.

I believe that I am rather spoiled for choice or so I thought when I glanced out of my window and saw this next view!

Once again the sun is playing an important role.

Choices! Choices!

Image result for shhh I'm editing

However, I still have some editing to complete - I estimate a couple of hours. In fact as I have progressed along the writing path the task of editing has been slightly less onerous. One of the things I find myself doing is choosing, what I can only describe as, a better word.

Once the manuscript is uploaded to then I have 2 proofreaders who will check the work and then on to the market before Christmas.

God Bless