Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Writing - A bit of a mish mash

The art of writing cannot run on straight rails all of the time. Sometimes life gets in the way and occasionally you are transported back into an earlier moment in time, to an issue touched on previously.

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I have banged on  interminably about the way the 'nanny' state tries to dictate to us what we eat and often feel justified when a supposedly 'improved' food turns out to be bad for you. Well it has happened again!

A report came out a couple of days ago that in short stated that certain vegetable based cooking oils contained chemicals that were inherently bad for us and we would be better off cooking with lard. 
I will say again that it is not naturally produced foods that are harmful rather chemically enhanced products.

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Spray sweets

Sweet manufacturers have gone to extraordinary lengths to sell to children but I believe that now they have reached an all time low.
A friend was handing round plastic canisters of liquid that you spray into your mouth and which are sweets. There is so much wrong with this product. It is a spray which could be likened to a method of drug taking. We all know the problems some children have after imbibing 'e numbers' but spraying it into your mouth surely is going to make them more rapidly absorbed.

International Impac Dublin Literary Award

I believe that this literary award is the world's richest literary prize and there are 25 UK books on the 2016 short list. Sadly none of my efforts have achieved that status. 

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J K Rowling

However, Robert Galbraith, above, and Ian McKewan have been included in the list for Silkworm and The Children Act

I include this information on today's blog because as I am reaching the end of the process of producing Flight into Secrecy my next project looms larger on my writing horizon and I'm considering a major change. The decision is almost taken, to write my next novel using a nom de plume. In part that is to signal that I'm writing in a different genre and also to strive for recognition under a different name. I think, rather like actors and actresses who become type cast, writers may fall into the same trap. 

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On a purely personal level I'm aware that my early efforts in producing novels weren't brilliant, not that they are now, but writing is a learning process and people who continue to read and write regularly will improve. I feel that I have improved since 'I Have To Get It Right' and so want to be given another chance for people to sample and enjoy my writing.

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The issues that using a nom de plume generate are confusing. For example, do I go 'cold turkey' and David L Atkinson may disappear from the writing world leaving 10 novels and 2 collections of poetry as a legacy. A clean sweep like that allows me to adopt the new persona. However, there could be issues with some of the social media sites. As marketing tools I would need to have an appropriate facebook, twitter, and instagram platform and I know how difficult it is to produce a new FB page using your original name plus one more initial! The outcome is you have a page within your own normal FB entity which doesn't operate independently. I suppose to go the whole hog I would have to use a new email address and set up completely separate and different ID to operate in that way. It is going to be quite complex.

Perhaps the fact that I would be writing in a different genre, using a different author name would allow me to achieve my aim of refreshing my readership as to my abilities.

God Bless