Thursday, 19 November 2015

Writing - International Men's Day

I was scanning the news this morning and came across the fact that nobody was talking about the significance of the 19th November!

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SSSHHHHH!!! boys they might be listening!

The day was initialised in 1992 by Professor Thomas Oaster. It had to be re-initialised two years later and to be frank could have been re-launched annually for all the notice the media, women and, sadly men, take notice of it. Perhaps there are too many designated days.

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I had no intention of having a rant about this subject, but let me finish by saying controversially (apparently) men and women are different.

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Antoine Leiris

The Power of Writing

Following the massacre in Paris last Friday a young Frenchman has written an open letter to the terrorists. He entitled it 'You shall not have my hatred'.
The letter has been read thousands of times, it has been paraphrased on the media and is frankly beautiful. This man is a widower with a baby son whose lives have been torn apart by what is simply a criminal act. 
I think that writing it, for Monsieur Leiris, is perhaps going to help in the healing process he will have to go through over years to come. One thing that you can feel comes through in the letter is a sense of hope for him and his son.

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The act of committing one's thoughts to paper can be of great personal benefit in the healing process following trauma. It can also be a barrier to stress.

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I used to live with someone who made lists, daily, and I believed they were created to assuage the onset of stress. If you work on the principle that compartmentalising your life makes it liveable then lists will achieve that purpose.

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The bottom line is that, in my opinion,  writing is part of what people need to do to maintain a hold on sanity. Whether it be lists, poetry, prose or letters never rule out putting pen to paper; you never know it may just help.

God Bless