Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Writing - Should you 'like' the work you produce? #mh370

As I get ever closer to the completion of my ninth Steele novel I am wondering how much I like what I have produced. This idea was fuelled when I read that J K Rowling states she has written a children's book which she says she loves.

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Now I don't want to give the impression that I'm having doubts about writing or that I'm striving for absolute perfection. I go through a writing process that suits me and I'm usually quite satisfied with the outcome but with this latest effort it is slightly different.

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The mystery surrounding the disappearance of this plane 18 months ago just seems to go on and on but I saw in it the possibility of a story. I have never used a real event to such end before and perhaps that is part of the reason that I feel differently about this project.

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Of course being a bit of a conspiracy theorist there is also an element of excitement for me about this story. The story I have written is based around a possible reason why the plane was 'stolen' and its future use and by writing in this way I've combined a couple of the many theories expostulated in the media and elsewhere.

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The fact is the story has romped along well enough but as I polish there is a need to re-write sections and that is not usual for me.

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horns of a dilemma

So that is the dilemma in which I find myself. On the one hand I'm excited at the production of the story with the aforementioned source of inspiration, but on the other is the quality what it should be?

The answer is quite straight forward - I need to be more careful when polishing the work to achieve the highest standard and then I will be happy and excited!!!

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God Bless