Sunday, 15 November 2015

Writing - Traumas and stories #vivelaFrance

Stories are usually rich in traumatic events, whether it is a Christmas story, a children's story or the goriest of horrors, there is always a trauma of some description. If there wasn't nobody would read.

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That brings into question what exactly is a trauma? It is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. 

Now of course one person's trauma is another's adrenaline rush but whichever they are an integral part of writing a tale. My most recent story due out in a couple of weeks is Flight into Secrecy and is not without a few traumas to help it along. The main trauma is surrounding the demise of Malaysian Flight 370 but there are a few others tacked on also.

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Christmas ghosts

In that sugary sweet time of year that is Christmas, there are stories of love, loss and even ghosts. The greater the oscillation between near disaster and re-claiming a situation, the greater the power of the story.

The job of the creator is to engage the reader to the point of tears or trembling and that swing from bad to good is the key. Naturally, enough every readers' thresholds are different so one person's disturbed reaction may illicit nothing in another. That is true of all stories and readers reactions to them.

Yes I hope that millions want to read this book but I wrote it because of a need inside of me. I have this problem with writing for profit. I don't do it, I write for pleasure and to satisfy the writing gene that has been awakened in me.

Back to trauma.

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I've written a book based upon a real event and may do so again but it probably won't be about the carnage in Paris on Friday. In all honesty how one human being can take another's life I don't understand. The problems the murderers, they are not soldiers of any type, have caused will last some people left behind the rest of their lives. They have been traumatised in the worst possible way and I hope they can find some comfort and eventually forgiveness.

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People were murdered in Baghdad recently.

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Forty people were killed in Beirut recently.
Sadly, more people died in Kenya at the hands of the same perpetrators.

The point is that as massive as the trauma is for the people in those four countries the people guilty of such crimes are a tiny percentage of Muslims. Many of the people fleeing explosions in all four places were proper Muslims who are a most generous and giving section of the human race on this planet.

God Bless