Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Poetry Thursday 190 - A variety of Scrooge's

I love Christmas. Well being  a practising Christian that is unsurprising, but I am on the usual annual horns of the dilemma between commercialism and true meaning. Scrooge fell into a similar situation but Dickens manipulated his character moving Scrooge from the money-grabbing side to the generous, Christmas reason for Christmas.

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Cameron’s Folly (Bombing Syria)

Responsibility in high places
has no exceptional cases
even when there is disagreement
in the use of UK armament.

Those who are adverse to war
have the right to share the floor
without being labelled sympathisers
of terror – as conscience advises.
© David L Atkinson December 2015

In my own inimitable naivete I believe that Mr Cameron, who calls himself a Christian, has maligned millions across the country as well as other MPs. His arrogance made him unable to apologise.

In Luke's gospel it is said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. 
When I look at the behaviours and attitudes prevalent among the political classes of this and other countries, it is clear to me that the soul purpose is for that tiny proportion of the citizens of the world to maintain their own financial position and preferably to improve. There is no justification for basing all decisions on money and to assert that wealth will trickle down to the rest of us.

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Luke 18:25

Easier for a Camel

The ‘root of all evil’ could be to blame
for the decline in our faith, things aren’t the same
as when I was a lad
and morals were dictated by more than your dad.
From an early age, at Sunday School
God’s Law was the daily rule.
Now we’re told we have half faith
and similarly society’s standards deflate.
There are plenty of religions from which to choose,
Christian, Hindu, Muslims and Jews,
and yet modern folk will not adhere
to those organisations whose aims are clear.
To care for each other above monetary concerns
and pass on good practice to our own interns.
© David L Atkinson December 2015

Enough of this serious stuff and back to Christmas.

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Christmas Robin

When the cards come through the door
and gently flutter to the floor,
it is a racing certainty
that he’ll be represented pictorially.

This garrulous, entertaining little chap,
will attend folk across the world’s map.
Bright vested, cheeky, sending hearts athrobbin’
as we welcome the ubiquitous Christmas Robin.
© David L Atkinson December 2015

God Bless