Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Poetry Thursday 191 - Sound of Music

It is galloping towards the festivity at an alarming rate. Of course there is one aspect of all anniversaries without which we would struggle to experience the appropriate levels of enjoyment.

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Music is the Food

It soothes the savage beast,
gives comfort to those with the least,
is available to the great and small,
is owned by not one at all.

There is a variety to suit every taste,
and nothing produced is ever a waste.
No rules about what’s listened to,
no emotions unrepresented for you.

Instruments are a matter of choice,
if without skill there’s still the voice,
it can be used to produce musical sound,
then combine notes to pass tunes around.

It has a language of its own,
a recording system like no other known,
notation by groups of dots with stalks,
limits on how fast or slow it walks.

Yet every nation appreciates the form,
although there is no accepted norm,
cultural drivers choose for you,
other countries that selection may rue.

Whatever your style or preference,
you can enjoy music’s influence,
whether playing or singing to mike,
music is what feelings sound like.
© David L Atkinson December 2015

The next poem is from my book Words from the Raindrops and I will be reading it in church at the request of the vicar next Sunday evening at our choir's Christmas performance.

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Wise Magi followed a bright shining star
Young children pray for dazzling new presents
His influence spread to lands near and far
All on one event – a male child’s nascence

What is this all-pervading influence?
Why are the nations drawn to his caring?
A joiner of no real significance
generated great feelings of sharing.

Should we just accept our great good luck?
Lead our lives as He would want us to
Should we question the tales from the book?
Or follow the teachings as He would do

The beauty of Christmas – simplicity
The message followed with humility.
 ©David L Atkinson December 2012

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Christmas is coming,
the goose is getting fat,
please put a penny in the old man's hat,
if you haven't a penny a ha'penny will do,
if you haven't a ha'penny
God bless you.