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Writing - Do you believe everything that you're told?

Really the title of the blog explains it all. 

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2nd December 2015 London

One of the strengths of the internet, in my opinion, is the fact that the news comes out so quickly and from so many sources that governments are no longer able to keep control of what we are being fed. However, they still bother to control the mass media because, as yet, not everyone is following news on the web.

An example.

On Wednesday 2nd December there was a 10 hour debate in Parliament leading to a vote on the bombing of Syria. I'm not going into the pros and cons of the issue but rather the way the BBC covered the debate. In fact the evening before the arguments were heard there was a march taking place in London. It was believed to be around 3500 strong.

The BBC never reported on this and neither did I see any significant mention in the newspapers. We are led to believe that reporting is unbiased! I have researched the march since and it seems that the Guardian carried an article about the march.

Another view of the march that never happened.

There are other examples of this sort of 'sin of omission' and the manipulation is obviously so that the government can achieve their own ends and, in my opinion, it makes a mockery of democracy.

Flight into Secrecy is a fictional view of a possible reality, derived from the myriad of information that has come out since the disappearance of the aircraft. There is also a section including some of the facts.



Steele has to travel back to Japan to justify recent behaviours that may have revealed his connection with the Gurentai. He is given a task to complete that finds him on the ill-fated Flight MH370 in Kuala Lumpur. Hours later he awakens in a cell in a place and country of which he has no knowledge. 
Being the resourceful man he is, Steele manages to escape and travels north meeting up with his fiancée Naomi Kobayashi in Astana the capital of Kazakhstan. 
Steele is naturally curious about the fate of the other 238 passengers from the plane which drives him onward to investigate further. He discovers that there are links between Russian organised crime and a Muslim group which stirs fears in his mind regarding the fate of MH370. This causes him to go to the Venice of the North, St Petersburg, where he finds the leader of the Russian mafia and a link with the Muslim pilots of the plane. 
All does not go well however, and Steele and Kobayashi are captured by their mafia enemy and incarcerated in MH370 on the way to the target that Steele suspected all along – in London.
Can Steele extricate himself from this seemingly hopeless situation? 
Has Steele convinced the Gurentai that he is trustworthy enough to deserve their support?
Will Steele manage to deflect the missile in which he is incarcerated from killing thousands in London?
This story is a speculative journey based upon the data and misinformation surrounding the loss of Malaysian Flight 370 in March 2014.


What you find between the covers of my book is not the definitive list of possibilities but is rather an indication of the lengths that the powers that be will go to to hide from the public those things they deem sensitive.

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