Thursday, 10 December 2015

Writing - Reading rules ok!

We learn how to do it before most other skills. 
We do it from a very early age. 
We use it every day of our lives.

We read.

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It also has optional extras. 

Reading is the cornerstone of every subject taught anywhere. Reading can also entertain. 
It can be fun, or serious, or deep, or superficial and its your choice.

It makes me smile when people say that they don't read and yet they drive (symbols), cook (recipes), watch TV (on screen info) and so much more. Many people have a limited view of what reading is and how their own imagination can be stimulated and as Einstein said,

'imagination is more important than knowledge'

When we read for fun we allow that part of our brain which can soar like a bird, dive deep into the ocean, run faster than a cheetah, score the greatest goal, or the fastest 100 runs, to have free range, and then we enjoy the benefits. Imagine how sad I was when the information came out today about the fate of libraries - see below.

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The number of libraries in the UK fell by 2.6% in the last year, from 4,023 to 3,917, according to a new survey.
The figures were released by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (Cipfa) following its annual survey of libraries in Great Britain.
Wales saw the biggest loss in the last year, with a fall from 308 to 274.
In England, the number of libraries fell from 3,142 to 3,076, while Scotland saw a drop from 573 to 567.
The closures coincide with government funding cuts of £50m to UK library services in the past year, from £0.99bn in 2013-14 to £0.94bn in 2014-15.

I'm afraid that it is the constant financial cutting that is causing such closures. Cutting comes from the need to make a profit but someone needs to tell the government that you can't make services run at a profit. The best you can hope for is break even. 

So keep reading. You could begin with Flight into Secrecy a tale of imagination applied to reality.


Steele has to travel back to Japan to justify recent behaviours that may have revealed his connection with the Gurentai. He is given a task to complete that finds him on the ill-fated Flight MH370 in Kuala Lumpur. Hours later he awakens in a cell in a place and country of which he has no knowledge. 
Being the resourceful man he is, Steele manages to escape and travels north meeting up with his fiancée Naomi Kobayashi in Astana the capital of Kazakhstan. 
Steele is naturally curious about the fate of the other 238 passengers from the plane which drives him onward to investigate further. He discovers that there are links between Russian organised crime and a Muslim group which stirs fears in his mind regarding the fate of MH370. This causes him to go to the Venice of the North, St Petersburg, where he finds the leader of the Russian mafia and a link with the Muslim pilots of the plane. 
All does not go well however, and Steele and Kobayashi are captured by their mafia enemy and incarcerated in MH370 on the way to the target that Steele suspected all along – in London.
Can Steele extricate himself from this seemingly hopeless situation? 
Has Steele convinced the Gurentai that he is trustworthy enough to deserve their support?
Will Steele manage to deflect the missile in which he is incarcerated from killing thousands in London?
This story is a speculative journey based upon the data and misinformation surrounding the loss of Malaysian Flight 370 in March 2014.


What you find between the covers of my book is not the definitive list of possibilities but is rather an indication of the lengths that the powers that be will go to to hide from the public those things they deem sensitive.

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