Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Poetry Thursday 195 - When someone goes

In some respects this week's poetry has been driven by the death of David Bowie but ends on a lighter note.

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David Bowie

He’s gone.
How do you describe his skill?
A shining light in a sea of dim bulbs.
Thinking outside the box.
For him – what box?
A floral nymph to rocket man,
his imagination knew no bounds.
Now he’s gone to somewhere afar
leaving behind his rising
© David L Atkinson January 2016

Now when some one dies or just goes away there are all manner of side effects which may be summed up thus.  

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When someone goes

We lose a world.
We lose their world
and how it was shown to us.
We lose their interpretation of the world.
We lose their understanding of the world.
We lose their permissions.
Permissions to test conventions.
When we have formed our world,
and begun to show it,
then it is our time to go.
© David L Atkinson January 2016

A slight change of tack. I have been keeping an eye on the political situation in the country and there is a repeated frustration that stirs the ire in my soul. It is the apathy of people. As in the Orwellian cartoon below too many folk are burying their heads in the sand when it comes to allowing the government to do what it will.

Enjoy the pun.

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How we’ll lose

No room for apathy.
A pointless shrug is apathy.
We need lots more love,
can’t wait for it from above.
All people need care,
no-one is immune - young one beware!
Everyone has responsibility,
love is in humility.
Lust for power is a drug,
allowing the wealthy to feel smug.
Greediness is what rules,
it sneaks up on the fools,
If people are not together
we will lose forever.
© David L Atkinson January 2016

And finally, on a lighter note another animal poem based upon the experience of having seen three kept as pets. Differentiated from the common brown rat by being called a 'fancy' rat.

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Rattus Norvegicus

An exceedingly bright and patient pet,
not as popular as he could get,
if he could stop his brothers’ rummage
in amongst the Upright’s rubbish.

He can solve a complex maze with ease,
and carry out tricks rewards to free.
But the Uprights’ would rather keep a cat,
than the cleaner, infinitely cleverer rat.
© David L Atkinson January 2016

God Bless

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