Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Poetry Thursday 196 - God forgive the wealthy Porcellus

My ire was raised by the statistics garnered for our consumption by various charities and financial institutions this week which led to the first poem. Apparently the richest 62 people in the UK have more wealth than the rest of us.

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Enough for All

And so the rich get richer,
but for the rest of us
life seems no fairer.

It’s no truth that wealth trickles down
from the dizzy heights of the super-rich
to the ordinary people that lack a crown.

Then there are those who have to strive
but carry on nevertheless,
the landed rich don’t care they’re alive.

They are never satisfied with their lot
but will cheat and live a lie
to add as much as possible to their plot.

There is enough for all to have their share
if only the greedy ones
would open their eyes and be aware.

Beneath the robe a poor bony girl and boy
with DOOM writ upon their foreheads,
a warning to the class they will destroy.
© David L Atkinson January 2016

Thanks to Charles Dickens for the idea that inspired the ending.

This next offering is an animal poem. I can't remember why I began to write these but I love animals, perhaps that is enough said.

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Cavia Porcellus

A wee friendly beast as benign as can be,
a variety of colours but not too wee.
As chatty as housewives in a gossiping stir,
with smooth, fluffy or whorls of luxurious fur.

In some lands reared and cooked for dinner
in others a fawned over pet show winner.
This wonderful animal dressed in best rig,
is none other than the humble guinea pig.
© David L Atkinson January 2016

Perhaps I should collect the animal ones together and produce a pamphlet.

God Bless