Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Poetry Thursday 197 - The Staff of Life

Writing poetry is very much part of being human and as such is intensely personal, however, in the last week I've had two requests for poetry on specific issues. Here we go.

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 Staff of Life - Bread

A Slice of Life

There is no limit to the versatility
of the humble loaf of bread.
A symbol of human domesticity,
the baked foodstuff we’re often fed.

The ‘staff of life’ a parents goad,
to Olivers wanting more,
an addition to the carbohydrate load
that’ll swell their tums till sore.

It comes in many different forms,
cob, bun, bagel, iced and sliced.
Culture influences accepted norms,
with added fruit and even spiced.

But flour, water and salt – the least,
baked in the oven till nice and crusty,
forced to rise with added yeast,
until it appears swollen and rusty.

It has been around 30 000 years,
and will likely pertain as long again,
nourishing folk from paupers to peers
with one form or another of the baked grain.

This verse is for the person requesting the poem! A joke.

We pray to God for our daily bread
which is baked in Mirfield before the dawn,
then sold at reasonable prices it’s said,
by a local purveyor called Maughn’s.

© David L Atkinson January 2016

Just a bit of fun really!

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Timothy Taylor’s Landlord

Refreshingly smooth
when settled a day or more
quick bite of bitter.
© David L Atkinson January 2016

So there you go my version of commissioned works for which I will charge nothing more than a smile.

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Melopsittacus undulatus

A long-tailed, variegated chatty creature,
its raucous speaking voice sometimes a feature
that annoys the family, over and over,
till the application of the night time cover.

‘Who’s a pretty boy then?’ oft repeated,
learned by repetition and accurately tweeted.
A real pet if sitting quietly on a bar
the green, yellow and black budgerigar.
© David L Atkinson January 2016

Just to be able to say that I did some work for myself this week.

God Bless