Monday, 18 January 2016

Tuesday Food Blog - Goodwood tart

An interesting name but I can assure you that this tart contains no horse meat.

Goodwood Tart

I had a roll of frozen pastry left from last week's recipe and cast around for something with which to fill it. I'm afraid those who are worried about their cholesterol, or sleepless nights due to screaming arteries should probably avoid this recipe. Then again don't you find it to be the case that the best dishes are the ones which are bad for you?

This tasty dish is one which relies very much on the two types of cheese which are contained within. One of the cheeses needs to be soft and recommends Levin Down which is a West Sussex cheese that is similar to a soft Camembert. The second cheese needs to be a strong hard cheese and I used mature cheddar. The other ingredients are bacon, onions, eggs and double cream.

Recipe on the relevant TAB

I served this with baked beans at one meal, and also with mashed potatoes and peas. In fact this dish eats hot or cold and would do well with salad in the spring and summer.

God Bless