Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Writing - Not just a David Bowie blog

The wonders of modern technology! - I have bought David Bowie's Blackstar album and listened to it a couple of times already. As yet I haven't a physical copy in my hands.

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This blog is not intended to be about the death of the artist David Bowie, but more about time passing and his artistic contributions.

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78 rpm records

My first contact with reproduced music was a gramophone that played records spinning 78 revs per minute. I bring this up because DB embraced technology as it came on stream. The idea behind Blackstar is quite forward thinking and is partly framed in an article on the BBC website this morning, when it asks if the star sang his own epitaph. Having listened to the music I would say that he has done and very much so. The media have concentrated on the track - Lazarus, but in fact it isn't the only relevant piece. I believe the whole piece looks at his passing in different ways focussing on relationships with women and also material possessions. What it doesn't focus open is his own pain, which he must have been suffering in some degree.

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Reel to reel tape recorder

My first recording device was bought for my passing the 11+ exam and gaining entry to grammar school. The first piece of music I recorded was in fact Cliff Richard singing 'Travelling Light' as it was a little before David Bowie began recording.

Since that old tape recorder, advances in music playing technology began to accelerate at a terrifying rate and I must admit have rather left me behind. I have a smartphone, can download music, save it to some bloody cloud(!) or listen to it through the phones speaker, car radio speakers or computer at home. I have never owned one of these little music playing devices that one sees today's youth glued to as they go about their daily tasks. David Bowie was 4 years older than I am and embraced it all.

More Bowie related stuff tomorrow.

T S Eliot Poetry Prize

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Poet Sarah Howe

Sarah Howe is a poet, an academic and an editor. She was born in Honk Kong to an English father and Chinese mother in 1983. She has performed her work, been published in various places and won other awards.
Sarah Howe has won the prestigious TS Eliot prize for poetry for Loop of Jade, the first debut collection to scoop the award.
Loop of Jade is described as an intimate exploration of Howe's Anglo-Chinese heritage through her journeys to Hong Kong to discover her roots.
Howe, 33, took away £20,000 in prize money, while the nine others on the shortlist won £1,500.

I need to enter more competitions.

God Bless