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Writing - Talent is an accident of genes - and a responsibility

It would be remiss of me in my mind to allow the passing of Alan Rickman to go unmentioned. He was one of those actors who, from my point of view, I liked in everything I saw him in but could never remember his name. I just knew that he was excellent.

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Alan Rickman as Sheriff of Nottingham

One of my favourite films, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, had him as the Sheriff of Nottingham which showcased his skills as a comic actor. He delivered lines such as,

'no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas'

with perfect timing and sensitivity. Brilliant film!
But he was probably better known to the younger generation for his role as Severus Snape.

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Severus Snape

In many ways the role over seven or eight films demonstrated all of his considerable skills. His masterly use of silences is quite chilling for a children's film.

As a person Alan Rickman seems to have been popular with everyone. He was self-effacing, supportive and intelligent with everyone. No prima donna.

The title of the blog is taken from one of Alan Rickman's quotes and there are more.

All I want to see from an actor is the intensity and accuracy of their

I do take my work seriously and the way to do that is not to take

 yourself too seriously.

Rest in Peace.

Of course the title of the blog could equally apply to writing.

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Can you identify a writing gene? 

I was asked the question last weekend - why did you start writing? It is always difficult to answer and that could be down to genetics. The answer is - because I needed to - that fact transcends assumptions of skill and ability. But what I was saying is true. The act of writing is what satisfies my need. When I began it was with greater degree of trepidation than it is now. I was concerned about my standard of written English in particular. Then of course was added fact that publishers prefer American English. One of the solutions was to have a couple of friends check my work and as one of them said after my 9th book - he's learning! Since I have given up bothering with agents and publishers there has been a greater freedom to my writing. In all honesty I don't want someone telling me how quickly I need to produce my work, or having any other influence over content.

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With regard to it being a responsibility, I believe that people who write have a duty to communicate things to others, hence this blog. When I write everyday what I am doing is passing on information on not just writing but also news items that the media seem to conveniently omit from their bulletins. I also express opinion and experiences from which an informed populace may benefit.

So please keep reading, its not all about me!

God Bless

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