Thursday, 25 February 2016

Poetry Thursday 201 - Jewels in your crown

Every day is God given we are told. As such we should perhaps be better prepared to appreciate being part of every day. I have often heard older people say that they're thankful they have woken up once again! 

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Jewels in the Day

Some would say all days are good,
if you wake then I suppose you should.
But some days are blessed with special jewels,
happenings that change the mundane rules.

It may be the arrival of a letter,
or perhaps a cheque, or something better.
An unexpected knock on the door,
when opened reveals a proper score.

Perhaps it is but a small favour
that gives your day a better flavour.
Or maybe a massive personal event,
generating in all good intent.

But thankfully there is nothing surer,
than good things bathing life purer.
So the daily wake up is an anticipation,
of adding jewels to the cyclic coronation.
© David L Atkinson February 2016

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Your arms are shorter
Your legs are shorter
Your sight is shorter
Your belt is shorter
Your patience is shorter
Your temper is shorter
Your breath is shorter
Your memory is shorter
Your time is shorter
Your years are shorter
Your months are shorter
Your weeks are shorter
Your days are shorter
Your hours are shorter
Your minutes are shorter
You died

© David L Atkinson February 2016

God Bless