Monday, 22 February 2016

Tuesday Food Blog - Meaty Boston Beans and champ

I found a new recipe this week that has similarities with meals I've cooked previously but is different. (The same but different!!!!)

Meaty Boston Beans

It looks rather like a sausage casserole, chilli and numerous other dishes but there are subtle differences.
There is quite a lot of pork loin and also smoky bacon lardons in the recipe but the main difference is in the sauce added to the dish after an hour's cooking. That is made from black treacle, tomato puree, grainy mustard and Worcestershire sauce (Lea Perrins of course). I thought that it may produce a slightly sweet dish but that isn't the case.

As this is a sloppy dish I felt that it should be accompanied with something that can absorb the juices and add a bit of a bite so I made champ.

2 potatoes
a bunch of spring onions, chopped
creme fraiche

Boil the potatoes as you would for mash. Drain when cooked but then leave on the heat to evaporate any excess water. mash with butter, chopped onions creme fraiche and a little milk. Don't use too much milk or you will be able to suck the mash up with a straw.

To add some colour and fulfil the need for healthy veg I also served up green beans.

In situ

The recipe for the Meaty Boston Beans is on the recipe TAB above. You can easily make this a Veggy Boston Beans dish by replacing the pork with vegetarian sausage.

God Bless