Saturday, 13 February 2016

Writing - 10 things we didn't know last week

A very sex orientated collection this week, from overpaid lesbians, underpaid gay men and male cheerleaders.

Image result for selfie accidents

1. At least 49 people have died in accidents involving selfies since 2014.

Mother taught it wasn't good to be selfish


Image result for horses read human emotions

2. Horses can tell when you're angry.

Beautifully sensitive animals and this one can see who is the best looking!


Image result for kidderminster harriers

3. Kidderminster Harriers FC players are fined £20 if they wear a hat on match day.

Makes you wonder how the club knows.


Image result for American logos with hearts

4. Some 2.25% of all American logos contained a heart shape in 2013.

It will come from some marketing theory


Image result for lesbians and gay men pay

5. Lesbians have a 9% wage premium over heterosexual women, whereas gay men face an earnings penalty of 11% compared with straight men.

Chicken or the egg - did their companies know of their sexual orientation or is it purely arbitrary?

Image result for subreddit

6. A subreddit inspired a scientific study into how people's minds are changed.

Another marketing exercise.

Image result for happy music makes colors brighter

7. Happy music makes colours appear brighter.

Hence the flower power era of the 1960's


Image result for neanderthal dna

8. Neanderthal DNA in humans is linked with nicotine addiction and depression.

Bah! Humbug!


Image result for sir david attenborough/sir terry wogan

9. Sir David Attenborough turned down the late Sir Terry Wogan for a presenting job on BBC Two in 1965 because the channel's chief announcer was from Dublin.

To be sure!


Image result for pre-war male cheerleaders

10. The first American football cheerleaders were male and they dominated the sidelines until WW2.

Not the same!

God Bless